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Copenhagen Innovation Symposium

Turning Torso - The Black Diamond - CBS

December 13, 2012 – December 14, 2012

Join us at the forefront of innovation 

research and practice!

The Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP) at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab (CIEL), host the third Copenhagen Innovation Symposium (CIS). CIS is a biannual symposium of approximately 50 invited participants. This time it will take place in Malmø (SE) at the Turning Torso on the first day and in Copenhagen (DK) at the Black Diamond and at CBS on the second day. The symposium's purpose is to bring together top academics and practitioners, to confront the post-industrial economy's innovation challenges.

We will emphasize the relationship and potentials of art, business and entrepreneurship, addressing questions like 'how organizations can learn innovation from art and artistic processes' and 'how such co-creation relationships can boost entrepreneurship education'.

CIS is a platform for meaningful and open discussions, with active participation of attendees. Each session combines an opening presentation with panel and plenary discussions.

We have been successful in attracting renowned speakers, among whom are:

-           Timon Beyes - Professor at the Institute for Culture and Aesthetics in Digital Media at Leuphana University (DE)

-           Martin Ertl - Chief Innovation at Officer at Bombardier (DE)

-           William (Bill) Gartner - Professor of Entrepreneurial Leadership at Clemson University, South Carolina (US)

-           Sigvald Harryson - CEO at InnoVentum and Accociate Professore at Copenhagen Business School (DK)

-           Robin Holt - Professor at the Department of Organization and Management at the University of Liverpool (UK)

-           Chris Steyaert - Professor of Organizational Psychology at the University of St. Gallen (CH)

-           Uffe Savery - Conductor at the Copenhagen Phil (Symphony Orchestra) with Søren Friis Møller - PhD Fellow at Copenhagen Business School (DK)


Participants are invited to an evening dinner on the first day in Malmø.


Most Welcome!

Daniel Hjorth, Sigvald Harryson, and Hallur Sigurdarson - The Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School

Luise Noring Henler and Mikkel Trim - Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab (CIEL)